* About us *

Leather goods plant Waldemar Korpacki - Elkor Collection product line .

We are a family business operating in the country since 1991,
with an established market position.

We specialize in the manufacture and commerce of leather goods.

All our products are made out of high quality natural leather,
handcrafted by people with years of experience in the branch.

What's more important and should be taken into account - the Elbląg district is famous for its long standing tradition of leather goods craftsmanship.

Our products are set apart by their great aesthetic workmanship.
Moreover they are fashionable, practical and elegant.
And above all, available at attractive prices!

Handwork from the first to the finishing touch allows to keep the originality and individuality of each article,
which is so valued by our buyers.

*Custom colors and type of the products
are also available on an individual agreement basis depending on the size of the contract.

We supply various chain stores and individual trading companies throughout the country
( we usually deliver the goods in person ) so we're proud of our long-standing trust of our customers.

        Remember !
   When buying our products you support the domestic market and the handmade craftmanship.

We're looking forward for additional business partners
( chain stores, but medium and small shops are also welcome;
currently we're delivering products only in Poland,
but it's always possible to  conclude a contract with partners from other countries )

Do you want to be our business partner ? That's great ! Don't hestitate and contact us !

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other sub-pages are our most popular products gallery)